Backyard Family Session

Have you been thinking that it's time to schedule a family photo session?  Are you putting it off because  it feels too stressful  - afraid the kids will have a meltdown, your spouse or partner is uncomfortable in front of a camera, hate photos with pasted on smiles, the thought of sitting in a studio on a beautiful day just doesn't feel right.  Well, I have a solution for you.  You can have those family photos without the stress and anxiety.  Not only that, it will actually be fun for the whole family!

With my Backyard Family Sessions your photos are made in the place that is most special to you, your home.  Using a documentary approach, I do minimal to no posing.  While your family engages in activities of your choosing,  I will be authentically capturing your beautiful connections and the little nuances that make your family unique.  Best of all, if the weather doesn't cooperate we will just move your session into your house.  No worries, just a stress-free photo session. 

But you don't need to take my word for it.  Just take a look at these photos from this fun backyard documentary session.  This is the perfect time to preserve what is most important and special to you! 

I offer Backyard Family Sessions spring through fall.  I can't wait to help you plan a one-of-a-kind photography experience for your family! 

Contact me  here  to learn more.