Welcoming Iyla Rae - Fresh 48 Hospital Session

Now that I am blogging, I'm finally able to get caught up on posting some of the amazing sessions I have had with beautiful families during the past year.  In April I was lucky enough to document baby Iyla Rae, along with her adoring parents, Rachael and Chris, during her first few hours of life.  

A little background first.  Iyla's mom, Rachael, is my yoga instructor.  When I started my yoga training at Berkshire Yoga, Dance & Fitness last November, Rachael was already pregnant.  I was awestruck by her strength, flexibility and beauty as she continued to teach class after class despite her changing profile.  She encouraged us through sun salutations, down dog and warrior 2 with the calm and soothing voice and movements that is signature Rachael.  With a grace that never faltered, she taught as long as she could until her doctor gave her the word that it was time to take a break before baby decided to make her grand entrance.

As Rachael and I discussed options for documenting baby Iyla after her arrival we were confronted with the hard reality that I would be traveling across the country right around her due date.  Because of the unpredictability of the actual birth date we arranged the option to document either in the hospital following the birth, if I was back in town, or at their home a few weeks following the birth, if I was out of town when Iyla arrived.

Iyla's due date came and went with no signs of labor.  And I took my flight to California.  The morning after I arrived back home, nearly a week later, and about 10 days past Iyla's due date, Rachael sent me a text saying, "She waited for you!"  Iyla, after giving her parents a good, long wait, arrived in their arms after a fast 6 hour labor!  And indeed, she did wait for me to return.

A few hours later I greeted the joyous new family at the hospital, where I was able to capture some of the beautiful moments while they were falling in love with being a family of three .

Iyla is now just over 4 months.  I'm lucky because I get to see her adorable, smiling, chubby-cheeked, face when dad brings her along to yoga. As you might imagine, she has many admiring fans.

A  long, overdue welcome to the world, Iyla Rae! And congratulations Rachel and Chris.  It was such a joy to document this very special time!